Precious Metals

Bendix is one of Canada's leading precious metals dealers, providing both hedgers and investors with a wide range of products and services. As an official distributor for the Royal Canadian Mint, Bendix gives excellent prices in all of their products for everyone from active investors to casual collectors.

Gold Bars

Bendix has been active in precious metals trading for over twenty-five years. The value of precious metals as a vital part of a balanced investment portfolio has become recognized, especially in times of economic volatility and political instability. Gold in particular has been used as an effective tool against inflation, currency devaluation, and volatile markets.

In addition to the various sizes of the mint's Maple Leaf Gold Coin, Bendix deals in many other gold coins such as the American Eagle and the Chinese Panda. Investment quality bars in various sizes are available. Bendix carries bars as small as one gram of gold and as large as one thousand ounces of silver.

Precious Metals certificates can be bought and sold at the prevailing spot price for the metal. Certificates carry no storage charges and bar charges are only applicable if the certificate is exchanged for physical bullion.

For information and pricing or to speak with a trader please call (416) 366-9000.

Gold/Silver Coins

  • Maple Leafs
  • Pandas
  • Eagles

Gold Bars

  • 1/10 oz. to 10 oz.
  • 2 1/2 gr. to 1 Kilogram


  • Assorted Sizes