Foreign Exchange Services

Foreign Exchange Services

Foreign Exchange SolutionsFor detailed information on the Foreign Exchange and Precious Metals services that Bendix provides its clients, please click on the submenu links to the left.

Foreign Exchange Solutions

Bendix has a full suite of solutions available to service its clients. Bendix tailors its products to fit its clients’ needs and designs solutions, based upon their unique circumstances. Please contact one of our highly trained sales professionals or corporate traders to discuss the options that will be most appropriate for your organization.

Spot Transaction

A Spot Transaction is the purchase or sale of a foreign currency for immediate delivery. Spot Trades are settled on the spot, bought and paid for immediately. Clients often use this method of transacting when they have one-off payments or unforeseen expenses. The rate is not pre-booked and is subject to normal market conditions.

Pre-Booked Rate Transaction

Bendix provides a variety of pre-booked rate opportunities that help our clients level costs and impact bottom-line earnings. Our corporate traders are able to run through a number of alternatives that can minimize cost increases due to market fluctuations.

We recommend that each of our clients review these opportunities frequently with their dedicated Corporate Trader.