Bendix Corporate

Bendix’s Corporate Division has a large team of experienced Senior Forex Traders, which can assist you with all your corporate transactions. They provide second-to-second inter-bank rates, as well as detailed trend forecasts based on the market’s fundamental and technical streaming data.

Our senior traders help clients improve their bottom line and are directly involved in helping companies strategically price their goods at a competitive price.

Our services include:

  • Spot Transactions
  • Market Orders
  • Electronic Wire Transfers
  • Drafts
  • Bank Notes (major, minor, and exotic currencies)
  • Precious Metals
  • Precious Metal Gift Items
  • Cash Withdrawals

Our traders know how volatile the foreign exchange markets can be and understand how major market fluctuations can cause negotiated deals to be lost, and potentially reduce any forecasted profits. They have over thirty years’ experience assisting our clients to price, hedge, and make the right choices in these volatile markets. Timing is crucial and the expertise of our traders will help ensure quick execution of your order, maximizing profitability.

To speak with a trader in  Canada call (416) 366-9000 and in  US call (855) 809-4600.