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There are two parts to any international payment or receivable – deal execution and settlement. The first is obviously the liquidity portion or the exchange rate deal for sending or receiving a currency.

Global settlements must be an area of extreme focus and attention to details. For those clients who make an overseas payment, any delay could mean expensive late payment, penalties, loss of sales discounts, or fees on shipping, and could impact the good relationships that they themselves have built with their vendors.

Bendix has a track record of over 30 years, and is regarded as one of the most experienced, effective, and trusted providers of international settlement obligations.

At Bendix, we have a strong global network and pedigree that allows our clients to benefit from the core competency of our operational experience, know-how, and processes that ensure that our global payments are the best a client can get.

Global Wire Settlements

All of our global wire settlements are promptly executed and settled via our counter party banks and FX trading partners. Settlement may either be same or next day depending upon currency, deal execution and time of day.

Foreign drafts and check Settlements

Similarly, all of our foreign drafts and checks are issued and drawn on our counter party banks, thus making the payment proceeds immediately available to our clients’ international vendors.