On Boarding

Prior to becoming a client with Bendix, we like to prove our value specifically to your organization. We provide each client with an initial diagnostic into their processes and existing relationships to identify challenges and opportunities. Typically, this is a very enlightening part of the process. As the age old saying goes “…prescription before diagnosis equals malpractice…”

So, beware of providers that are just looking to acquire your organizations FX volume; we believe that any international financial services provider or commercial organization should give a deeper value to their clients.

Many organizations were simply unaware of the peril they were put in by having relationships with product led financial institutions as opposed to one who builds strategies from a customer centric perspective.

Our clients are presented with a full statement of understanding that details current processes, challenges, and opportunities, along with a suggested road map to improvements. This document is vital, as we all need accountability, and you have a right to expect promises to be kept by us!

Our account management team is very experienced and extremely passionate about helping clients involved in cross border transactions and international trade.