Have I Met My Requirements?

In order to fully comply with the Government’s regulations, clients must complete and sign the appropriate application form and submit the following items:


1) Articles of Incorporation and any amendments thereto, which indicate the beneficial owners and current authorized signing officers of the corporation. A beneficial owner is one who holds 25% or more of the shares of the corporation.

2) A copy of photo identification for the beneficial owners and person(s) transacting on company’s behalf with Bendix FX. The original ID should be presented in person to our offices or shown to our drivers.

1) REGISTERED – Registration documents
2) NOT REGISTERED – signed Declaration Form

SOLE PROPRIETORSHIP - Master Business License

PARTNERSHIP – Partnership Agreement

INDIVIDUAL – Please bring your original ID (driver’s license or passport) and an original bank statement to our office. For non face-to-face transactions, please send us by mail a notarized copy of your ID (Canadian driver’s license or machine readable passport) and an original bank statement, which will be returned to you once we have verified your application.

ELECTRONIC FUND TRANSFERS OF $100,000 AND ABOVE – Sign the Politically Exposed Foreign Person (PEFP) Declaration


BENDIX FX is committed to protecting your privacy when you avail of our services. The personal information gathered from your application and other submissions are used to verify your identity in accordance with government regulations and expedite the processing of your transactions. Unless BENDIX FX is required to do so by law or if it is necessary to protect and defend our rights, we will not disclose personal information.